Hair Care - Services


Pricing is determined by how long and how thick the hair is, and how much product is used.

Highlights - $100.00 (120 minutes)

Foil Highlights begin a $100.00. Longer and thicker hair is subject to extra charges. Each additional color is $10.00 per color for multi-colored highlights.

Color (All Over) - $70.00 & up (90 minutes)

Color all over head with one standard application. Additional applications are extra with long and thick hair.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment - $50 per hour (2 to 3 hours minimum)

Defrizz and add incredible shine and smoothness by the Keratin Treatment. Read More...

Women’s Design Cut - $25.00 & up (30 minutes)

Design Haircut that compliments your facial features, lifestyle and ability to maintain your look. We design your haircut to make reflect your style and image.

Children’s Cut - $20.00 (30 minutes)

Childs Haircut age level 9 and under.

Men’s Design Cut - 20.00 (30 minutes)

Precise Haircuts for Men.

Hair Set & Blow Dry - 25.00 & up (30 minutes)

Hair Blow Drying and Curling Iron styling. Longer hair extra. Read More...

Color Weave - $120.00 (120 minutes)

Foil highlights and low lights with color inbetween foils. Complete coverage of grey hair will beautiful results.

Permanent (Body or Curly) - $80.00 (120 minutes)

Body and Curly wave, begining at $70.00, long and thick hair is subject to exta charges.

CHI Chemical Straightening - $120.00 (120 minutes)

Chi Hair Straightening, consultation required before appointment is made. $60.00 an hour and minimum is 2 hours. Virgin application is 3-4 hours in duration. Long and thick hair is subject to additional charges.

Corrective Color - $100.0 & up (60 minutes)

Corrective Color call for consultation for quote.

Lash Lift (perm)

A lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. It will keep your lashes curled for 6-8 weeks. Tinting also available. Read More...


Beauttiful high quality natural hair wefts are "taped-in" to the hair to make the hair look extremely long or thick. For temporary outcome, we also offer "clip-in" extensions. Call for consultation and quote on price. Read More...

Wedding Style/Updo - $50.00 (60 minutes)

Wedding or Prom Hair Styling Updo's begining at $50.00 for an hour. Longer and thicker hair is subject to extra charges.